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Child Custody During The Pandemic

As people are being asked to stay home and limit exposure to others during the COVID-19 pandemic, important questions naturally arise from divorced parents feeling conflicted about how to adhere to these guidelines and stay healthy when their children are supposed to be dividing time between two households. To help ease these concerns, we have […]...


Myths About Common Law Marriages

Most of us have heard the term “common law marriage,” but not everyone knows exactly what it means. And because of this, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around about common law marriages. As your family lawyer in the Bronx, The Law Offices of Diron Rutty is here to help clear up […]...


Getting Married In New York: The Basics

Is your big wedding day coming up? Or are you thinking about proposing to that special someone (or hoping that you will get proposed to soon)? Whatever the case may be, you probably don’t have the legal and bureaucratic details on your mind. Nevertheless, in order for a marriage to be recognized under the law, […]...


Post Divorce: Helping Kids Navigate The First Holidays Apart

As the winter holidays approach, there’s a distinct increase in sappy, family-centric commercials and movies on TV — and in the air in general. It makes sense, as this is one of the most popular times of year for families to come together to celebrate, or simply to enjoy time together. However, if your family […]...


Big Concerns About Divorce: Handling Child Custody

No matter how long you and your partner have been together, going through a divorce is an incredibly emotionally trying time. Just because it’s the best option for your family doesn’t make it an easy choice or a simple process. And if you have children, the process is even more complicated. In a perfect world, […]...


How To Prepare For Divorce: 6 Tips For A Smoother Process

Any divorce will bring with it a myriad of changes, and those changes can make it difficult to adjust. However, just because you disagree, that does not mean you will need to take all of your issues to court in order to find a solution. If you want to avoid drawn-out, expensive divorce proceedings, whether […]...


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