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Providing legal representation since 1995

The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC, have been providing individuals in New York City, the Bronx, White Plains, and Poughkeepsie, NY, with high-quality representation since 1995. We have helped them with matters pertaining to immigration, estate planning, real estate, and family law. Our practice prides itself on the manner in which it approaches each individual case and every person who walks through its doors.

Following an initial consultation, we will analyze your case and provide you with a realistic assessment of the options you have and the likelihood of success.

What kind of attorneys are we?

We are straightforward, realistic, and compassionate. We need to be this way because your legal matter affects you and your family’s lives in so many ways. We understand that these kinds of cases carry heavy consequences for our clients, impacting the way you can live your life, sometimes in the immediate future.

For this same reason, we understand the importance of maintaining ongoing communication regarding the status of your case. You will never have trouble reaching someone who can provide you with the answers you need or who can get those answers if they are not immediately available. While attorney Diron Rutty is proud of her service-oriented approach to law, she is equally proud of the firm’s staff members who stand ready to assist you.

Finally, for those individuals who have personal and/or business interests in Jamaica, Antigua, or the West Indies, The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC offers a wide range of legal services in these areas, thus ensuring that your interests in the United States are integrated with those you may have elsewhere.

Meet our team

diron rutty

Diron Rutty

Diron Rutty is an experienced attorney who maximizes her skills and years of experience helping businesses and individuals solve their legal problems. Her solutions are carefully structured to meet each client’s specific needs.

Nanya conduct commercial and residential real estate transactions in New York City

Nanya Thomas

Nanya Thomas is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting commercial and residential real estate transactions in New York City.


Valerie Richards

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Don’t take chances when it comes to your future. Whether you’re applying for a visa, getting a divorce, or even just setting up an estate plan, even the smallest mistake can have devastating effects. Get the help and guidance of Diron Rutty and rest assured that your future is in good hands.

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