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Ensuring the unity of your family through life’s challenges is a top priority. Whether facing life-altering events or navigating the aftermath of a family member’s passing, legal complexities can pose significant obstacles. At The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC, our dedicated team of attorneys specializes in crucial family-related legal domains, including family law, immigration law, estate planning, and more. Recognizing the urgency of these matters, we offer accessible online legal services to help you initiate your case promptly and take the first steps towards safeguarding your family’s future.

Immigration law

Immigration law can bring a family together or make sure they aren’t split apart. Millions of people come to this country every year looking to build a better life for themselves and their families. Sometimes you have to fight to prove you still deserve to be here, or situations arise where your immigration status comes into question. Maybe there’s someone in your home country who you want to be able to come to the United States. Whichever situation you’re in, the immigration law attorneys at the Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC want to help you. We have experience helping people with:

  • Visa Requirements
  • Denial Of Your Immigration Case & Your Options
  • Visa Types
  • Deportation
  • Adjustment Of Status Or Consular Processing
  • Naturalization
  • Provisional Immigration Waivers

Estate Planning

No matter what we do, we all pass away eventually, but we don’t have to leave behind property problems when we do. To ensure that everything we own is passed down to those we love, with as few taxes removed as possible and with as little government intervention as possible, we recommend that everyone have a plan for their estate. Depending on the assets you have, this can mean creating a will, trust, establishing power of attorney, and more. There are many situations where you may be unable to make decisions for yourself, either because of sickness or death. This doesn’t mean you can’t leave some legally binding instructions behind. This can include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Elder Law
  • Probate
  • Estate Administration

Unbundled Options

Our online legal services platform lets you purchase bundled and unbundled legal services. This allows you to pick and choose the legal services you need, and only what you need. Not only that, but when we know what kind of legal issue you’re dealing with, we can build the foundation of your case that much faster.

Real Estate

Shelter is considered a necessity of life. When you finally purchase or lease a home, many make the mistake of not doing their due diligence and having a real estate attorney look over all of their documents. This can lead to people buying homes with things like liens, debts, or worse on them, or leasing out properties that don’t meet the basic requirements for people to live in them. Before signing any documents, take them to our real estate law firm. We have experience reviewing:

  • Deed Transfers
  • Foreclosure & Modifications
  • Lease Agreements
  • Partition Actions
  • Refinancing
  • Section 1031 Exchanges

Family Law

Family law pertains to some of the most emotionally difficult cases you may have to deal with. Many of these surround divorce, the splitting of a family, and the different agreements, stipulations, and division of assets that go along with it. When there are children involved, you want to be able to smoothly and quickly handle this painful process, and move on to the next chapter in your life. These different divorce issues and agreements include:

  • Annulments
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Child Visitation
  • Division of Marital Assets
  • Divorce
  • Modifications
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Spousal Support

Political Asylum

On paper, this may seem similar to immigration law, but you are not immigrating for the same reasons. We understand that you seek political asylum for your and your family’s safety, rather than to start a new life. In that pursuit, we will do all that we can to prove the danger posed to you and your need for political asylum.

“[Diron Rutty] puts her heart and soul into what she does”

- S.R.

“[Diron Rutty] puts her heart and soul into what she does”

- S.R.

“[Diron Rutty] puts her heart and soul into what she does”

- S.R.

“[Diron Rutty] puts her heart and soul into what she does”

- S.R.

“[Diron Rutty] puts her heart and soul into what she does”

- S.R.

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Tips From Diron

  • Family law matters can be emotional. However, it's important to remember the legal process is not for resolving personal issues.
  • Overstaying your visa can lead to a ban from re-entering the U.S. Always keep track of your visa expiration date.
  • Buying or selling property can have significant tax implications. Be sure to plan accordingly.
  • Keep all evidence that supports your claim for asylum. This could include documents, photos, or testimonies from witnesses.

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