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People come to the United States for many different reasons. Some people are trying to pursue economic and educational opportunities for themselves and their families. Others want the freedoms being in America offers them that they don’t receive in their country of origin. Many need to come here to be safe and rejoin their family. Regardless of the reason, if you want to come here to stay, you’ll have to face this country’s immigration laws. If you’re immigrating through New York City (NYC), you need the help of a NYC immigration law attorney.

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The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC have been operating out of the Bronx, White Plains, and other locations for years. We have lived with and been surrounded by immigrants and the descendants of immigrations all of our lives. This is how we have learned about the struggles that they faced coming to America and face trying to stay here.

With that perspective, we have set up our law offices to specialize in making these endeavors available for more people and easier to access in some ways as well. When you’re trying to immigrate, you’re trying to take control of your future. Our attorneys can help.

Immigration Law In New York City

There are many issues, laws, and situations you may encounter or need to prepare for when you try to immigrate to the United States. Immigration law is not only about deciding who can legally live in the United States. It is also concerned with how long you live here, under what conditions, and how you can adjust the length of your stay and those conditions.

There may be times when you have to fight to prove that you deserve to live here, and with the help of an immigration law attorney, you can win that fight. This requires careful planning, extensive knowledge of immigration law, many different legal forms, and the ability to be flexible and tough against adversity. Together, we can help you immigrate and/or stay in the United States.

Areas Of Immigration Law

Here are some laws and issues that you will have to consider and answer to when you attempt to immigrate to the United States.

Different Visa Types
Visa Types

Due to the many different reasons someone can have for immigrating, the United States has several different types of visas. Of these visas, there are two overarching categories: non-immigrant and immigrant visas.

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Visa Requirement
Visa Requirements

When you’re applying for an immigration visa, the process is different when applying from the United States than when applying from abroad. This will also affect what types of visas you should apply for.

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Permanent Residency/green Card
Permanent Residency/
Green Card

Permanent residency, otherwise known as the fabled green card, is often the end goal for many immigrants. It’s the biggest step on the pathway to becoming an American citizen and setting up a life for yourself and your family.

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Adjustment Of Status Or Consular Processing
Adjustment Of Status Or
Consular Processing

Millions of people come to the United States every year with non-immigrant visas. They spend significant portions of their life here with the expectation that they’ll leave. But after building a new life through education, temporary employment, or something else, they may decide that they want to stay.

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Options for Denial of Your Immigration Case
Denial Of Your Immigration
Case & Your Options

When your immigration case gets denied, you may think that your chances of coming to and/or staying in America are over. Don’t give up or get discouraged. You have several options available to you with the help of an attorney.

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Being deported is frightening. You’re being threatened with force removal from the country. In the panic that deportation brings, there are a few misconceptions about it. In most cases, once you have been told that you are being deported, you have months, sometimes even years, to fight it.

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You do not have to be born in the United States to become a citizen of this country. Naturalization is a process where you can slowly meet one or several requirements and gain the rights of an American citizen.

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Provisional Immigration Waivers
Immigration Waivers

There are situations where you are only eligible for a green card if you are applying from abroad. If you are currently in the United States and do not want to have to leave the country to apply for a green card, a provisional waiver may be able to help you.

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Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals
Deferred Action For
Childhood Arrivals

When you’re under the age of 16, you do not have much control over where you live. The United States recognizes this, so if you have been brought into the country illegally or have been forced to stay illegally as a child by your parents/guardians, there is a system that can help you stay here in the United States.

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