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A foreign-born individual can become a naturalized U.S. citizen if they meet certain requirements. This is another path to citizenship that’s open to many individuals currently in the United States, often on a green card. The process of naturalization gives you all the same rights you would enjoy if you had been born in the United States including the ability to vote. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) manages the process, and the final decision comes down to the decision of a USCIS officer. You’ll need to fill out an application and demonstrate that you meet the necessary requirements in order to achieve naturalization status.

Often, it’s beneficial to hire an immigration attorney for the naturalization process. Your legal counsel can guide you through the naturalization process, help you with your application, give you advice on how to make the strongest case possible, and help you achieve the best possible outcome. If you are considering an application for naturalization, the attorneys at Diron Rutty, LLC may be able to help. We’ve worked with many clients seeking naturalization, and we understand the process and what USCIS officers are looking for when examining your evidence and application. Learn more about requirements and then schedule a consultation to learn more about how our team may be able to help you.

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Do You Meet the Requirements for Naturalization?

Before you apply for naturalization, you must meet a few requirements that may apply to you. It's important to make sure you are eligible for naturalization before you submit your application, otherwise, it could result in a denial and cost you more money to reapply through another pathway to citizenship. When considering naturalization as part of your journey of immigration to the USA, in most cases you must:

Be 18 years old or older at the time of filing Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

Have lived within the state, or USCIS district with jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence, for at least three months prior to the date of filing the application.

Be physically present in the United States for at least 30 months out of the five years or were a U.S. citizen (either born or naturalized) before you turned 18. In this case, you may already be a citizen. You would not have to apply to USCIS for naturalization. If you are unsure as to your current status, a consultation with a lawyer may help you determine whether or not you need to apply for naturalization or are already a citizen.

Have a green card, and you must have been a permanent resident of the United States for at least five years. The five-year rule is reduced to three years if you got your green card because you married a U.S. citizen. If you’ve served in the U.S. military, there’s usually no time requirement. You must be at least 18 years old and not convicted of a serious crime.

Generally, an applicant for naturalization must complete Form N-400 and submit it to USCIS. You'll need Form M-599 if you are applying for naturalization based on military service. Knowing which forms apply to you and which do not is a vital part of this process; neglecting to send in the proper documentation and form could result in an automatic denial of your application, resulting in increased legal fees and more time and expense. A consultation with an immigration attorney may be able to help you clear up any confusion that you may have about which forms apply to your specific situation.

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How Immigration Attorneys Can Help With the Naturalization Process

The law surrounding citizenship and naturalization is complicated. Making a mistake in the process can cause you to spend more money reapplying or appealing the denial. Working with an immigration attorney from the start can help you make your application stronger and better your chances of having a positive outcome to your case. Each case is unique, and a skilled attorney will be able to help you determine the best course of action to achieve the immigration status that you need. They can answer your questions and address your concerns, which is especially useful when immigration laws seem to be changing by the day. Working with an attorney provides you with peace of mind knowing that you are doing all the right things to achieve the status of a naturalized citizen.

If you believe that you are eligible for naturalization and would like to learn more about the process and how an immigration attorney can help you, The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC is now offering consultations to potential clients. These consultations are completely confidential and can help you find a clear path towards citizenship. You can get in touch with our team for more detailed, specific information, by contacting The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC. Call us at (718) 324-0404 or (845) 849-9201, use the form at the right, or email us at to schedule your consultation today.

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