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How To Navigate the Holidays While Going Through a Divorce

The holiday season should provide some of the most beautiful and memorable moments of the year. But, for new divorcees, people going through a divorce process, or someone anticipating a divorce, holidays can be challenging times. This is especially true if there are children involved. Holidays get tough because they magnify the issues surrounding your […]...


Facts About Alimony

There are different kinds of alimony that can be awarded in New York and your divorce attorney or child custody lawyer will be able to help inform you on what you can expect. You will start out with temporary alimony and then one of the three types will be awarded to you. The Law Office […]...


Can You Amend a Custody Agreement?

Custody agreements can be contentious. For many families, this is a part of family law that is best navigated with the help of a divorce attorney. Children and parents can struggle with the outcomes of these kinds of decisions for years, and you want to be sure that you get custody of your child after […]...


How Moving Can Affect Custody

When the custodial parent decides to move, a child custody lawyer might be needed to protect the interests of the child in question. A divorce attorney helps with the original child custody agreement and then a family law expert will need to work on custodial issues. The Law Office of Diron Rutty can help you […]...


When Don’t You Need a Family Lawyer During Divorce?

Family law is complicated in the state of New York. You may need a child custody lawyer to sort out the situation for your children, but you may not need a lawyer for the divorce portion of your case. Family law can be complicated and it is never advised to go completely without the advice […]...


Should You Set Up a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements can be essential to amicable marriage agreements for couples. A prenup can protect either party in the relationship from a loss of financial security and assets in the instance of a divorce. If you need to set up a prenup, you need to work with the Law Office of Diron Rutty. Below are […]...


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