Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Lawyer

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant financial investments that most people make. Regardless if you are buying or selling real estate, whether it be a home, apartment, condominium, or something else, hiring a real estate attorney will help to protect you against unexpected bumps in the road that commonly occur during closing in order to ensure a smooth and low-stress process.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney in Bronx NY

Read on for some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t go at it without a real estate lawyer when buying or selling real estate, and when you are ready, contact the Law Office of Diron Rutty in the Bronx.

  1. Real estate attorneys have no personal interest in the outcome of the transaction other than making sure that you, their client, are taken care of. Other parties who are involved in the transaction have financial motives and may steer you to make decisions based on their financial gains instead of yours, whereas your attorney’s top priority is the best possible outcome for you.
  2. A real estate attorney will also protect your interests and rights in the transaction and are the only party that is truly looking out for you. They have the legal expertise to provide you with sound advice while adequately explaining the law.
  3. Real estate attorneys have the training and experience to handle issues and problems that come up during real estate transactions that many people do not expect. Due to their in-depth understanding of the law and their thorough review of contracts, they will be able to help you with avoiding complications or unforeseen circumstances.
  4. When you work with a real estate attorney, they can help you if any issues arise when you are buying a home or property. A number of unexpected situations can arise such as an illegal structure, a termite infestation, asbestos, and more, and your attorney can help you draft these contingencies in order to ensure that you do not end up unknowingly buying a house or property with costly defects.
  5. Your attorney will review all documents including the mortgage loan documents, property deed, legal descriptions, closing documents, and the title and title insurance policy in order to confirm that there are no mistakes. Without this thorough review, even the smallest mistake can create big title issues and significant delays in your transaction.
  6. Real estate attorneys work with your mortgage loan officer, the other party’s attorney, and the real estate brokers in order to ensure that appropriate dates are set for the home inspection, attorney approval mortgage commitment, title search, and other contingencies so that your purchase stays on track and can be closed without unnecessary delays.
  7. If any issues arise with your deal, a real estate attorney will explain to you the repercussions of canceling the contract so that you are fully aware of your legal obligations before you decide to move forward with taking the next step.
  8. When you work with a real estate attorney, you will also receive something priceless — peace of mind. You will feel confident knowing that you are in good hands with a level-headed, independent, and experienced real estate attorney who is on your side in order to help you get through what can be one of the most stressful transitions you can make.

Trusted Real Estate Lawyer in Bronx NY

If you have any further questions or are interested in working with a real estate attorney in New York City, contact us at the Law Office of Diron Rutty in the Bronx today. Our experienced team of real estate attorneys would be more than happy to assist you so you can feel comfortable and confident during your next big home or property purchase.

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