The Benefits of Unbundled Legal Services for Clients and Attorneys

As New York-based lawyers and legal professionals, we understand that legal help can often be too expensive for many people. In fact, the average attorney hourly rate was $392 in the state of New York in 2023. While this doesn’t mean legal services are less important, it does show that money can be a big obstacle when people need legal help.

One solution to this problem is for law firms and lawyers to provide unbundled legal services in New York. It’s a great way to make legal assistance more accessible by breaking down services into smaller, affordable parts. For this reason, The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC offers online legal services.

Understanding Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services involve breaking down our legal services into specific tasks. Instead of us assuming you want everything, you can pick and choose the exact services you need.

For instance, clients can get help just for drafting a document, getting legal advice, or mediation for an aspect of divorce. When clients opt for NY unbundled legal services, they don’t pay a usual retainer. They choose and pay only for specific services they want from their lawyer. The client handles the rest of the case.

The details of this arrangement are laid out in a contract called a limited-scope representation agreement. This agreement clearly outlines which parts of the case the lawyer will take care of and which parts the client will handle.

If the client needs more help from the lawyer as the case progresses, they can get extra assistance. This would mean signing a new or updated agreement to cover these additional services.

Unbundled legal services in New York are ideal for situations like a simple divorce, where clients might be able to handle most aspects themselves but need a lawyer to review their documents.

Benefits for Clients

Here’s why unbundled legal services in New York can be a game-changer for clients.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Unbundled legal services are more budget-friendly. Clients pay only for the specific legal tasks they need help with – not for full case management.

Here’s an example. In a divorce case, hiring a lawyer for full representation can be quite expensive. But with unbundled services, a client might only pay for help with document preparation or a single court appearance, which costs much less.

2. Flexibility

These services offer clients more control over their legal issues. They can decide which parts of their case they want to handle on their own and which parts require a lawyer’s direct help. This is beneficial for scenarios like creating a business contract. A client may draft the initial contract themselves but use a lawyer for final review and advice.

3. Access to Justice

According to the Legal Services Corporation, a ‘justice gap’ is the shortfall between someone’s legal needs and the legal help they can get or afford. Many people often get little or no help with legal issues, influenced by factors like their income, race, or where they live.

Unbundled legal services in New York make it easier for more people to get legal help. Traditional full representation can be too expensive for many people, but unbundled services lower the financial barrier. More individuals can access legal assistance for crucial parts of their cases, even if they can’t afford to hire a lawyer for the entire process.

Benefits for Attorneys

On the flip side, law firms offering New York unbundled legal services can also leverage several upsides.

1. Expanded Client Base

Unbundled legal services can draw in a wider variety of clients, especially those who might be put off by the full cost of legal services. Someone who only needs help with one part of a legal issue may not want to pay for a lawyer’s full range of services. Unbundled services cater to such clients, allowing our attorneys to help more people.

2. Increased Efficiency

When lawyers offer unbundled services, they can focus on just certain tasks. This allows our attorneys to streamline our work and work on more cases without losing our effectiveness.

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Unbundled legal services have been a big step towards creating a legal system that’s more convenient for everyone to use. Additionally, it’s making legal services easier and better suited for different situations.

At The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, we understand the importance of accessible legal services. That’s why we provide unbundled legal assistance, ensuring you get the exact help you need without unnecessary expenses. Reach out to us for tailored legal support that respects your needs and budget.

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