1. FAQ About Partition Actions

    Have a question about a partition action? Not sure how to proceed when you’ve received a partition action? This can be a complicated part of real estate law, but it’s one that the Law Office of Diron Rutty deals with every day on behalf of our clients. Many of the clients who contact our office …Read More

  2. Lease Review Tips For A Landlord

    Aside from acquiring the property, a lease is often one of the first steps to making yourself an official landlord. New York doesn’t have strict laws about what constitutes a landlord/tenant relationship. There are the obvious transactions through rental agreements, and then there are instances in…Read More

  3. What To Ask An Immigration Lawyer

    Meeting with an immigration lawyer during an initial consultation is an important step to acquiring a visa, becoming a resident, or avoiding deportation - among many other reasons. Many people find the topic of immigration to be stress-inducing and fearful. However, a good immigration lawyer will he…Read More

  4. What Is A Family Lawyer’s Job?

    A family lawyer is an advocate for the family as a whole or different members of the family independently as they go through various legalities. A family lawyer serves as dedicated counsel through every step of the way, from providing initial advice to filing the final piece of paperwork. A family l…Read More

  5. Who Needs A Real Estate Lawyer?

    Buying, selling, and leasing real estate can be some of the most fun and frustrating investment transactions one encounters in a lifetime. Some of the fun aspects are buying a home for the first time, refinancing a mortgage to reduce monthly payments, or selling a starter home to buy the home of you…Read More