Working With A Broker Matters: 5 Big Benefits

Whether you’re buying or selling, navigating the world of real estate can feel like a massive hassle. And heaven forbid you try to do anything more complex than a standard sale or purchase, like rent out a portion of your home. It is possible to go through most real estate transactions on your own, but we don’t really recommend it. Here are five big reasons it’s better to work with a real estate broker:


Have you ever noticed that the more experience you have with something, the easier it is to do? There are a lot of details that come with any complex task, and real estate transactions are no different. Working with a broker means you get to use their experience to your benefit. They’ll know the insider tips and processes, and be able to use that knowledge to help you find the best options based on your specific needs.


When people talk about real estate, it’s generally in terms of generalized references to “the market.” What many people don’t realize is there isn’t a single nationwide real estate market. Real estate trends are generally city specific. In many areas, the market even varies from one neighborhood to the next. What this means is that there may be a huge demand for homes in the $400,000 price range in one neighborhood and absolutely no demand the next neighborhood over. Brokers keep track of these fluctuations to help you make decisions based on what is in your best interest in relation to your needs.


Real estate brokers meet a lot of different people throughout the day-to-day of their jobs. Fortunately for you, this means they have a strong network of local people who provide excellent service. They also work with a lot of contractors, so they will know who does a great job and who to avoid. Whether you need to get a wall repaired before selling your home or you’re looking to do some remodeling before moving in, odds are good your broker will have a network of people to help (and may be able to help you get a discount).


If you’ve watched any house hunting shows on TV, you’ll have noticed that things like “seller concessions” are mentioned a lot. It’s common practice to ask for certain changes or upgrades to be included in the contract when negotiating a property purchase. A broker will know the ins and outs and be able to guide you through the negotiating process to ensure the contracts are written as favorably as possible for you.


There is a lot of paperwork that goes with basically any real estate transaction — whether that’s buying, selling, renting, or even setting up a deed transfer as part of estate planning. A broker will have the education necessary to wade through all the legal jargon to figure out exactly what the contract is saying and whether anything needs to be changed. It’s a good idea to work with a broker to make sure your best interest are taken into account before the documents are signed and legally enforceable.

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