What is Divorce Mediation and What Should I Expect?

The divorce mediation process allows separated couples to interact with professional third-party and neutral experts to help resolve their divorce misunderstandings. This is typically a less stressful and less costly process than a divorce trial and it proceeds much faster.

Since the spouses do have the final say over their divorce issues, it’s helpful to consult with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect during meditation in today’s blog from The Law Office in Diron Rutty in New York.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys

The secret to a smooth divorce mediation process is choosing an experienced divorce mediation lawyer. You can find dozens of lawyers who claim that they can mediate your divorce case for little money, but remember, the cheapest lawyer isn’t always the best choice. Instead, choose an attorney who’s well-practiced in divorce law in your local jurisdiction. This will ensure they are well-versed in the current laws that pertain to your particular state.

Structured Discussions

You should also expect that your divorce lawyer will initiate structured discussions regarding distribution of your assets, custody arrangements, and more. In addition, your mediator will expect you to talk about your finances, assets, and post-divorce goals.

The mediator will guide both of you through the discussion to ensure that each person is treated respectfully and is given their fair turn to speak. Your lawyer will be there to help provide support and counsel and ensure everything is properly documented.

Professional Guidance

Historically, mediation discussions have not involved mediators. Spouses were allowed to determine the result of their case without the help of the attorney’s insights, and mediators only facilitated the discussions. Some old-school mediators still practice the style today, but it only leads to unfair conclusions.

In today’s divorce mediation, however, a divorce lawyer can be used to facilitate the process and fairly present the information so that spouses can make the decisions that are best for them.


Finally, expect that your divorce mediator will be neutral in all case aspects. They will support you in the divorce case, support your personal issues, and, if necessary, facilitate custody. If you sense a slight bias in your mediator, we recommend looking for a new divorce mediator. It saves you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Mediation is an important part of the divorce process. If you want to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce, the best way to do it is to choose a good mediation firm. Now that you know what to expect in divorce mediation, it’s time to contact the Law Office of Diron Rutty, in New York for your divorce mediation needs.

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