Understanding Unbundled Legal Services: What They Are and How They Work

Legal services can be expensive, making it difficult for many people to access the legal help they need. This is a major barrier to justice and can leave individuals vulnerable when facing legal issues. That’s where unbundled legal services come in.

Unbundled legal services, also known as limited-scope representation, allow clients to hire our lawyers for specific services rather than for full legal representation. Think of it like ordering à la carte at a restaurant instead of buying a full meal.

So, what are unbundled legal services exactly, and how do they work? In this blog, we’ll explore these services and their benefits.

What Are Unbundled Legal Services?

Unbundled legal services refer to the practice of a lawyer providing specific, limited services to a client rather than representing them for their entire case. We offer these services because they allow our clients to handle certain aspects of their legal matters themselves – while still receiving professional guidance and advice from a lawyer when needed.

Some common examples of unbundled legal services include:

  • Case Evaluation
  • Limited Litigation
  • Transactional Guidance
  • Document Preparation
  • Document Drafting
  • Settlement Evaluation
  • Negotiation Advice
  • Agreement Review
  • Court Coaching
  • Limited Court Appearances

By unbundling legal services, clients have the option to choose which tasks they would like their lawyer to handle and which tasks they can manage on their own. This not only gives clients more control over their legal matters but also allows them to save on legal fees by only paying for the specific services they need.

Unbundled vs. Bundled Legal Services

In traditional full-service representation, lawyers are hired to handle all aspects of a client’s legal matter. This means that they would be responsible for preparing all necessary documents, representing the client in court, and providing legal advice throughout the entire process. While this may provide peace of mind for some clients, it can also be costly and time-consuming for others.

Conversely, limited-scope representation,  or unbundled services, allows clients to choose which tasks they would like their lawyer to handle and which they can handle themselves. This allows for a more collaborative approach between the client and lawyer, as well as potential cost savings.

It’s important to note that not all legal matters are suitable for unbundled services. Complex cases or those involving multiple parties may require full-service representation. Clients need to consult with their lawyers to determine if unbundled services are appropriate for their specific case.

Benefits of Unbundled Legal Services

Law firms offering limited-scope representation can provide several benefits to clients, including:

Increased Access to Justice

Unbundling legal services can increase access to justice for those who cannot afford full representation. By offering more affordable options, such as limited-scope representation, people who may not have been able to afford traditional legal services can now get the help they need. This is beneficial for many people, especially low-income individuals, small businesses, and those going through financial hardship.

Set Prices and Customization

Unbundling legal services also allows for more transparency in pricing. Our law firm offers unbundled legal services that have set prices for specific tasks, making it easier for clients to budget and understand the costs involved.

Additionally, clients can choose which tasks they require assistance with, allowing for a more tailored and cost-effective approach. For example, a client may only need help drafting legal documents and can handle the rest of their case on their own. In this case, they would only pay for the specific task of document drafting instead of a full retainer fee.

Flexibility and Collaboration

The Law Offices of Diron Rutty provide limited-scope representation with more flexibility and control over their legal matters. This can be particularly beneficial for people who prefer a more hands-on approach or who may have specific concerns about certain aspects of their case.

With unbundled legal services, clients can choose which tasks they want our lawyers to handle and which tasks they prefer to take on themselves. This collaborative approach can lead to better outcomes and a positive experience for the client.

In Need of Unbundled Legal Services in New York?

At The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC, we understand that traditional legal services may not be suitable for everyone. That’s why we offer unbundled legal services in New York to provide more affordable and flexible options for our clients. Our experienced attorneys are ready to assist you with your legal needs, whether drafting legal documents or providing guidance through a specific aspect of your case.

Contact us today to learn more about our unbundled legal services and how we can help you achieve your legal goals without breaking the bank. Don’t let financial barriers stand in the way of getting the legal assistance you need – choose The Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC, for cost-effective and personalized representation.

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