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Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Ask anyone who has gone through the process of immigration and it’s likely they will tell you that this is not an endeavor you want to go through on your own. There is extensive paperwork that must be filed properly and according to a certain timeline in order to achieve approval. Navigating the complicated immigration […]...


What To Look For When Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

When it comes to applying to become a citizen of the United States, it is not uncommon for people to feel stressed out about their current situation. The thoughts of being separated from your family or your sponsor stopping midway through the process can keep you up at night, and rightfully so. But when you […]...


Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Lawyer To Represent You

When it comes to navigating any area of immigration law, you will quickly learn that it is not an endeavor that you want to go through alone. Not only is there an extensive amount of paperwork to cover, but there are also plenty of opportunities to make mistakes that can sink your entire application permanently, […]...


Green Card Eligibility Categories And How To Apply

A green card (or a Permanent Resident Card) allows non-United States citizens to gain permanent residence to the U.S. Many individuals and families want a green card because it allows them to lawfully live and work anywhere in the United States and to qualify for U.S. citizenship after three to five years. There are many […]...


The Impact Of State And Federal Laws On Immigration

In our previous blog post, we discussed that at the heart of the ambiguity surrounding the definition of sanctuary cities was the debate over the appropriate role for federal and state governments. This can have a serious impact on immigration law and underscore the need to speak with an immigration lawyer. The U.S. is a […]...


Immigration Law And Sanctuary Cities

The term “sanctuary cities” has been plastered all over the news cycle for this past week. The term is being thrown around a lot, oftentimes without much clarification as to its exact meaning. Considering the significance of what’s been happening at the border, it is important to get clear on what, exactly, sanctuary cities are […]...


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