Conveyancing, by definition, is a section of real estate law that includes transferring property, which is common for inter-family transfers in the event of a death or when a mortgage can no longer be paid by the original buyer and must be transferred to avoid foreclosure. Conveyancing is also known as transferring the deed that identifies the real estate owner.

What Is A Deed Transfer?

A deed is the official legal document that transfers ownership between the buyer and the seller. This type of transaction typically avoids the closing process and provides a legal avenue for new ownership. Together with their real estate lawyer(s), the buyer and the seller create a legal description of the property that is signed by the seller under notary witness.

Through a warranty deed or a quitclaim deed, property ownership can be transferred.

When To Transfer Property

Many different life situations arise that warrant a property transfer through conveyancing. People who often find themselves dealing with deed transfers are those who have lost a family member who owned the home, a divorce, or the original owner can no longer pay the mortgage and wants to transfer ownership to avoid foreclosure.

Inter-Family Deeds With Life Estate

One area in which our real estate attorneys specialize is transferring deeds between family members in the case of life estate claims and distributions. For example, if your widowed mother lived alone and owned her house but then passed away, The Law Offices of Diron Rutty can help transfer the property deed to another family member who can either continue owning the home or move forward with a more typical real estate transaction to sell the home.

Working With The Law Offices Of Diron Rutty, LLC

Our team of attorneys and staff are passionate about preserving relationships within the confining boundaries of law. Separating property rights doesn’t have to be complicated, and we are happy to help you streamline the process. Our reasonable fees and convenient locations in The Bronx or Poughkeepsie make us available to meet our clients’ needs.