deferred-action-child-immigrationLegal Counsel for Constantly-Changing Immigration Laws

At the Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC, we know that the immigration laws are constantly changing. Between federal laws, court rulings, and state laws, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s out there about immigration. It’s even harder to know what’s right, what’s right, and what applies to your specific situation. Those ever-changing laws can create situations that are often confusing, and even the smallest changes to immigration law can have life-changing and unintended consequences. Staying up-to-date with all the changes to immigration law is no small task, and it’s probably not something that the average person has time to do in their schedule. Unfortunately, not know about certain changes means you could be putting your immigration status at risk. That’s why you need to hire experienced immigration lawyers who can help you navigate the confusing and ever-changing legal field of immigration. This can give you peace of mind that when it comes to immigration, you are doing nothing to put your own status or the status of a loved one at risk. Our legal team will guide you through your immigration process from start to finish, working with you to achieve a positive outcome to your case.

Reduce Your Fears, Increase Your Confidence About Immigration Law

Our firm assists clients in reducing their fears and increasing their confidence when it comes to immigration law. In many cases, those who are dealing with immigration laws have already built a life for themselves within the United States and they are eager to stay with the family, friends, and careers. Dealing with immigration laws can leave you feeling anxious and unsure about your future. You need a team who can give you concrete answers and an action plan to move you towards a positive resolution for your immigration status. Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the field, our team understands how best to help businesses and individuals sort through immigration laws and changes, providing our top-rated immigration legal services to clients who are in need of our help. When you or your business work with us, you have peace of mind knowing that our experienced legal counsel is on your side and working hard to resolve any immigration issues that you might be facing. From visas to deportation issues and so much more, we have the experience and education to back you up and help you get a positive outcome for your immigration case.

We’re Ready to Help With Your Immigration Law Needs

Our legal team is made up of members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Additionally, we take all steps necessary to educate our staff on the changes in immigration rights and laws affecting our clients in order to provide the best service. This keeps our team up-to-date on the changes to immigration law that are happening on a sometimes daily basis. When you call, you can be assured that our team has the latest information on legal issues and can create an action plan to help you move forward on issues such as those listed below. Click on the link to learn more about each topic and how the Law Offices of Diron Rutty, LLC can help you with your case.

  • The Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa Requirements We can answer questions about which type of Visa is right for your situation and help ensure you meet the necessary requirements for approval.
  • Visa Types Do you know the different types of Visas that are available? There is more than a dozen to choose from, each with their own set of requirements and complex laws. Our team can help you choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Permanent Residency Card Are you entitled to a Green Card? We can help you apply for and get approved for permanent residency.
  • Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing Changes to your immigration status can be confusing and troublesome. We’ll make sure you have the right information on immigration laws to make changing to your status easier.
  • Denial of Your Immigration Case and Your Options Have you been denied for your immigration status? Don’t try to fight the courts of your own. We can help you fight the ruling gain a more favorable outcome.
  • Deportation and Defense If you are in danger of being deported, you need to hire an experienced immigration lawyer right away to help put a stop to the deportation process and keep you within the country.
  • Naturalization Our team can take you through the process of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States. Find out if you meet the requirements and set up a consultation with us.
  • Political Asylum Seeking political asylum in the United States? We can make sure you meet the criteria and apply for the correct type of asylum, working with you throughout this complex immigration process.
  • Provisional Immigration Waivers These waivers can help remove uncertainty about your immigration status and help you attain legal status as an immigrant in the United States. We’ll help you ensure this is the right move for you and your family.
  • Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Started in 2012, this program allows those who entered the United States before their 16th birthday to remain in the country and even apply for work. We’ll help you determine that it’s the right choice for your situation.

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We offer a full range of immigration services to clients in the New York City, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Hudson Valley area. If you are struggling with immigration issues and need an experienced team on your side, we’re here and ready to get to work. Take the first step by giving us a call or contacting us through our website and setting up a free consultation with our team. This is a terrific opportunity to learn more about what we do, how we can help you, and whether or not our services are a good fit for your situation. Our consultations are confidential and completely free. Make your appointment and start getting the help and the answers you need about immigration law today.