Estate Planning Can Be Stressful — Hiring the Right Lawyer Can help!

Most people have assets such as a car, a house, real estate, investments, and more. Unfortunately, many people don’t make a plan for what will happen to those assets once they pass away. Although they may want to ensure that their loved ones receive them, it might not happen unless you create a legal, documented plan before your death. This is where real estate planning comes in. Keep reading to learn why it’s essential to hire the right real estate attorney. Look for a real estate attorney in New York? Contact The Law Office of Diron Rutty.

The Probate Process Won’t be a Nuisance

Probate is the process that transfers the deceased person’s property to their legal heirs and beneficiaries. This can be an expensive and lengthy process that can take up to two years or more. There are many nuances associated with the probate process. For example, there could be litigation or a bank may have to be sued in order to recover your assets. To avoid these issues, hire an estate-planning lawyer in the Bronx. They are always updated on the process, so they will help your family in case problems arise.

Ensure Your Documents Comply with the Present Law

When you work with a licensed estate planning lawyer, you can be confident that your documents will be drafted according to the current statutory laws. Note that probate and state laws are always specific for different states and are subject to change from time to time. Working with a licensed lawyer gives you peace of mind knowing that your estate plan fits well within the statutory parameters.

Peace of Mind

Among the biggest pitfalls of doing an estate plan yourself is that you risk your documents not accomplishing your objectives. The reality is that estate planning can be complex and confusing. If you are using an online form provider, you may not understand or can misinterpret what they are asking. Many errors are found after someone passes away, at which point it’s too late to make any changes. However, an experienced attorney who clearly understands your wishes will ensure that they are accurately reflected in the documents.

In-time Documents Update

Due to various circumstances, your wishes may change. Therefore, it is essential to update your estate planning goals with different life events. For example, a change can result from a divorce, childbirth, marriage, a change in family dynamics, or a significant life event. Thus, it’s essential to continually update the estate plan to reflect your family’s needs.

Using the best estate planning attorney in New York guarantees that all legal documents are accurate and updated to your latest wishes. This can help you avoid future costly mistakes.

Estate planning is a critical activity in our lives because it dictates when and to whom our estates will be entrusted to. The process of creating an estate plan requires careful selection of a professional if it’s to run smoothly. The Law Office of Diron Rutty has been serving the people of NYC with trusted real estate planning services for over 25 years. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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