3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Child’s School In Nyc

We all know how significant of a decision it is to buy a new home. There are so many variables that have to be considered. For those with children, one of the most important factors to consider when looking at new homes is the schools that are available. Choosing the right school for your children can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task.

The Law Offices of Diron Rutty is here to help. We provide expert real estate lawyers to the Bronx and surrounding areas — and that includes helping you wade through the complexities of choosing the right home. This is what we’ll be exploring in today’s blog. We’ll take a look at some important considerations for choosing the right school for your children. New York City brings with it some unique variables that wouldn’t necessarily apply to everyone in every home-buying situation. With that in mind, let’s turn to three important things to consider when choosing your child’s school in New York City.

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Naturally, the first thing that you’ll want to consider is the needs of your family, and, specifically, the needs of your school-age children. For instance, will you be looking exclusively at public schools, or will you also be considering private schools? There are other options as well, including charter schools. Charter schools are an increasingly popular choice due to the fact that they are tuition-free.

In addition, you might be looking at specialized schools that are optimized to specific needs of children, including various health conditions and learning challenges. The staff of specialized schools typically receive training that caters to the school’s specific population. This can be a requirement for a lot of families when looking at real estate options. As real estate lawyers in the Bronx, we are equipped to help you navigate the difficult waters around choosing the schools that are best suited for your family.


When looking for real estate around New York, distance can be a significant factor for a lot of families. Public transportation around the city is a major form of travel, but it has its drawbacks. When it comes to schools, that distance can become even more relevant.

For a lot of public schools and charter schools, your family will be limited based on the location of your home. Many schools will only accept students within a limited range of zip codes. It’s more common for private schools to accept students from a wider range of zip codes. Even still, there are some caveats in such situations. The quality of the school might not be that much greater than a school within proximity, and that difference in quality might be outweighed by the benefits of having a quick commute. Long commutes can add a good deal of stress to the morning routine.


This might not be the biggest concern on your mind when looking at NYC real estate. However, a new report by home search platform Localize.city found that hundreds of NYC public schools are located within 500 feet of major highways. This is a concern because, according to the EPA, homes and schools that are within close proximity of a major highways will expose children to high levels of pollution. Specifically, the EPA states that people who live, work, or attend school near major roads have a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, impaired lung development (in children), and other diseases, thanks to pollutants spewed from cars.

This is a concern for a lot of areas throughout NYC, especially with the Brooklyn Queens Expressway reconstruction plans. These are major reconstruction plans that will affect many homes and schools. This might be an important consideration as you look for a home.


Of course, these are just a few of the many considerations that go into choosing the right home and the right area. These decisions can be difficult, but they don’t have to be stressful. The Law Offices of Diron Rutty can help alleviate the stress and ensure that you’re making the best real estate choices for you and your family. Contact us today for a Bronx real estate lawyer you can trust.

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