Do you own property with another person or multiple people? It’s common for multiple property owners to disagree about what to do with the property when it comes to using the land in a certain way or to sell it. So you own the property with a spouse, sibling, or friend, and you are faced with disagreement when it comes time to make a decision about how to use the land; a partition action is a legal process that can help divide the land into separate ownership so each owner can decide how they want to use the land independently.

A Partition Action Is A Property Settlement Agreement

When the multiple owners of the property can’t seem to make a decision together about how to move forward with the property, they may want to consider a partition action, which is a property settlement agreement. Partition actions can be voluntary (voluntary partition) when all owners agree to the process, or a judge may issue a partition order (judicial partition) that forces the owners into settling the property disagreement to maintain order in the court.

Essentially, a partition action divides the property so it is then owned by the individuals who can then decide how to proceed with their share of the property as they so desire.

Working With A Lawyer

Whether pursuing a partition action is voluntary by the owners or it is issued by the court, you’ll want to have a real estate attorney in your corner who is combing through the contract to make sure the property settlement is fair for you. Partition actions are typically granted by the court without trouble; however, we recommend first pursuing mediation before taking the steps toward a partition action.

Our real estate attorneys are quite experienced with partition actions as property settlement agreements. We serve our clients at two locations; one is in The Bronx, and the other is in Poughkeepsie.

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